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Expected in 2024, Past Mistakes is the story of a New York-based exorcist who gets in over her head. The first three chapters were marketed in 2021-2022 and garnered a solid 4.6/5 rating on their own on Goodreads.

The first chapter is free to download.


A work-in-progress. Erasure explores what happens when a man is willing to sacrifice everything for a chance to change a single thing in his own past.

How much can you sacrifice to right a wrong you cannot live with?

Reviews for Past Mistakes pre-release

In 2021, the first three chapters of Past Mistakes were released as a novella. Below is the feedback received for that publication.

If you have read the Kat Drummond series by Nicholas Woode-Smith, then you are sure to embrace this new kick ass heroine

Goodreads Reviewer

This novella is well written, the characters are believable, and it’s a great start to what could be a very good novel or series.

Amazon.com Reviewer

Well-written with a witty and relatable main character and an amazing storyline.

Goodreads Reviewer

I strongly recommend this book to anyone who enjoys some mystery in their lives.

Amazon.com Reviewer

I thoroughly enjoyed this short story, it’s everything I look for in a book! You are immersed in Emily’s world within seconds, an element of very real danger, unexpected twists and a finale that leaves you wanting more. 

Goodreads Reviwer

— Goodreads ratings & reviews as at November 2023


Nick Lavitz is a part-time author who’s lived all over the place, but mostly in London, United Kingdom, where he has a particular affinity for Notting Hill.

He’s been putting his ideas to paper for many years, but only recently have these stories been sent out into the world.

A book with the story magically emerging from it.
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