To sacrifice everything…

Peter Givens appears, abruptly, in the middle of a road, seven years in his own past. In terrible pain from the side-effects of time travel, he barely makes it out of the way in time to avoid being run over by a truck before collapsing at the foot of a tree.

But time travel is illegal, ever since San Francisco was destroyed by a time traveller at some point in the past, so Peter’s mission has drawn the attention of the authorities and criminals alike, each with something to gain, and a lot to lose.

“The Pinch” – artist’s impression
Entrance to the Base – artist’s impression

…for one small chance at redemption

Having left everything behind to embark on this journey, Peter has nothing left to lose, and his mission is the only thing he cares about.

But has he really understood why the Time Traders, the criminal group that arranged for his travel, agreed to send him back? And can he steer clear of the authorities long enough to achieve his goal, when every camera, every smartphone, lets the future know where to find him in the past, and he has more enemies than he knows.

Erasure is a work in progress and will eventually be a full-length novel. An action-packed adventure where the stakes are greater than any one person’s future.

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